Andy and Houkle UPDATE!

Andy and Houkle UPDATE!
Cats for Adoption

If it's not already obvious, let me explain for the sad looking pictures of these two kitties. They are scared! They don't understand what's going on and what is the reason for the big change in their lives. Why they suddenly find themselves in a Petsmart store. Andy is the gray and white boy in the square bed. He's ten years old. Houkle is the brown and white tabby hiding in the litter box. She's eleven years old. Their owners moved and couldn't take them with them for some reason. Now we are looking for a good, loving, patient and lifelong home for them. Please consider taking them home and making them feel secure again. They're worth it!

Andy (of Andy and Houkle)

Andy is no longer up for adoption but Houkle is still available and waiting!

Houkle (of Houkle and Andy)

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