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In Memoriam - Brea Cats In Need

In Memoriam

We Will Miss Them
In Memoriam

We dedicate this page to the beautiful cats that didn't survive the fire. Below you can read the story that I wrote soon after the fire occurred in 2006 along with the update soon after. We have since gone on with our work of trying to find loving homes for other cats but we will never forget the ones we lost. I'd also like to dedicate this page to the other cats that didn't die in the fire, but have died while in our care while they were waiting to be adopted into a home.  We loved them with all our hearts and we will miss them very much. 

Brea Cats in Need Suffers a Heartbreaking Fire

The Brea chapter of Cats in Need has suffered a terrible loss. On the morning of January 21, 2006 there was a fire where 37 of our cats were being housed while awaiting to be adopted. We are very heartbroken to say that we have lost 17 cats to the fire. We don't even have the time right now to mourn the loss of them because we have 20 remaining cats that we need to either find permanent homes or foster homes for. The 20 remaining cats were taken to the Orange County Animal shelter. We have made arrangements with the shelter to get all of the cats out and into foster homes, but we need your help to move this process along more quickly. 

If you were thinking of adopting a cat, or know someone who is, please think of us. If you would like to foster a cat until it can be adopted out, please give us a call. Click here if you would like to donate money, every little bit helps. Once we get the cats back out of the Orange County Animal Shelter we will need money for their veterinary care (if needed) and for their continued personal care. You, the community of Brea (and our surrounding friends), have always been so generous to us. Please keep us in your thoughts and help if you can.  Thank you so much for your continued support.

In Memoriam

Bootsy pic. #1
Bootsy is a black and white female who is around 10-12 years old. Her owner died and it seems that she had been neglected for awhile. When she came to us the poor thing was completely covered in matted fur. She's been shaved and her fur is now growing back in. She is very loving and craves attention. She is a very easy going kitty who just wants to be loved.

Bootsy pic. #2
I'm very sad to say that Bootsy had to be put to sleep. She had been ill and wasn't getting better. It was better to let her go so she wouldn't be in pain any more. She was such a sweet and loving cat and had a beautiful soul. It is my hope and prayer that she has reunited in heaven with her previous owner. She will be missed very much.

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In Memoriam

Hershey pic. #1
Hershey has a really sad story. While riding a bicycle his owner was killed by a motorist. Hershey was one of twelve cats living in that household. Hershey is a beautiful 3-4 year old male who is a Chocolate Point Siamese mix. He is really shy and sad right now, but he takes great comfort in someone petting him. You can see him relax a little as you pet him. He also loves canned cat food.

Hershey pic. #2
Sadly, Hershey passed away while in our care while waiting to find a home. He died in March 2007. We will miss him very much.

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We Will Miss Them
In Memoriam

Sadly, there were many cats whose pictures I never got the chance to take. They will still forever live on in our minds and our hearts. Here are the other beloved cats that did not survive the fire:

Solar - orange short hair male
Luna - torti female
Phoenix - black and white female
Mama - light gray with green eyes, female
Socks - snowshoe siamese, female
Shadow - black female
Sammy - black male with no tail
Suzie - calico/torti with kidney problem
Theo - big dark gray male
Simba - orange male tabby kitten
Lucky - blind brown tabby kitten, female
Tiger - black tabby male
Bella - siamese female
Skittles - black tabby female
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In Memoriam

Disney is a beautiful all black 2 year old boy who loves to play! He goes crazy when you throw him a toy mouse. He likes to play with running water and also enjoys burying himself under the covers. Disney has already been adopted out to someone but then was returned (after declawing him!). He and the adopter didn't get along. So now we are looking for that special someone to adopt Disney and give him a safe home to stretch out and really have some room to play with his toy mouse (there really isn't a lot of room for him in his cage to play with his mouse). Oh, and how did Disney get his name? He was originally found in the Disneyland parking lot under the hood of a car looking for a warm place to snooze.

Why is the second picture of him blurry? Well, he's a quick cat! The only reason I got the first picture of him in focus is because he was busy concentrating on a fly in the room!


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In Memoriam

Thomas is a 6 year old black and white male cat who is declawed on all four paws. Sadly, his previous owner became too sick to take care of him anymore and had to give him up. He can be shy at first, but once he realizes you are willing to pet him he perks up real quick. He needs someone to be patient with him, but if you give him that little bit of time, trust me, he is well worth it! He is a big sweetie! He sometimes likes to be a lap cat and is possibly good with other cats (with the right cat!). He would love to curl up on your bed and take a cat nap!

Thomas (2nd picture)

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In Memoriam

Tigris pic. #2
Tigris is a 5 year old brown tabby who loves for her head to be stroked and scratched. She wants to be the only cat in the household. She is lovable and sweet and really wants out of her cage. Her previous owner had to move to a new apartment that wouldn't allow cats and had to give Tigris up.

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