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Success Stories - Brea Cats In Need

Success Stories

Success Stories

This is Fred. He was loved his whole life by an older woman that unfortunately had to move into a no pets care facility, so Fred now needs a new home. He is twelve years old, but don't let that deter you. He's healthy, loves to play and has so much love to give. The first time I met him he startled me a bit. He climbed up onto my chest and onto my left shoulder and started giving me kisses on my cheek! He loves doing this. He will just sit there in your arms and purr away. He deserves a loving, quiet home. All he wants in life is someone that he can give his love to. He is a wonderful cat!

Fred (pic. #1)

Fred (pic. #2)

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Dewey and Brooke both ADOPTED!
Success Stories

Look at these two cuties! They are so much fun! Dewey is the gorgeous gray and white male. He's about seven months old. Brooke is the cute black and white female. She's about four months old. They love to be together! They love to play with each other, groom each other and sleep near each other. One time we had three black and white kitties (Brooke included) in the store at the same time. Brooke was accidentally put back in the wrong cage with the wrong roommate (they all looked very similar). Once we discovered the error and she was reunited with Dewey they were so happy to see each other! They groomed each other and started to play. I'd LOVE to see these two loving cats find a home together!

Dewey (of Dewey and Brooke)

Brooke (of Dewey and Brooke)

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Success Stories

If I had the room in my home I would want to take DJ home with me based on his story alone. DJ was left in a cardboard box outside of a vet's office with a note attached. The note read, "must find a new home due to a baby having allergies." Now don't get me wrong, I feel for the family having to give up their pet because of this and it's understandable. But I feel so bad for DJ who was just abandoned in a box. He must have been so scared. In fact, he still is. It takes a little bit of encouragement but he does come out of his little cubby bed to say hello. Even after what he's been through he is still so loving to people. He doesn't even seem to mind the other kitties in the other cages around him. He's about two-and-a-half years old. He's a gorgeous Siamese mix with stunning blue eyes. He might look a bit grumpy in the pictures but he isn't, trust me. He just doesn't like the flash on my camera! Please make this sweet boy feel safe and loved again and give him a forever loving home.

DJ (pic. #1)
Unfortunately DJ is back with us again (he had been adopted out) looking for a new home. This is through NO fault of his own. The other cat in the household just wasn't accepting him. Please give DJ a forever home!


Harry and Lincoln ADOPTED!
Success Stories

Harry is the handsome tabby and Lincoln is the beautiful black kitty. They are both males and are about four months old. They are a little scared about being in the store right now (Brea Petsmart). Even though they are scared they are both so sweet and gentle. And they LOVE canned kitty food!

Harry (of Harry and Lincoln)

Lincoln (of Harry and Lincoln)


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Socks and Muffin
Success Stories

These two adorable little cuties are Socks and Muffin. Socks is the black and white female. Muffin is the brown tabby male. They are about nine weeks old. They were found hiding underneath a car. These two sweeties love to play together and snooze together and would like to stay together. Please give them a safe home!

Socks (of Socks and Muffin)

Muffin (of Socks and Muffin)

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Success Stories

Pepper is a fun loving little girl who was born in March of this year. Her brother (Salt) was adopted out a couple of weeks ago and now it's her turn! She's ready to go home! She loves to play with toy mice, will purr a lot when you pick her up and talk sweetly to her and just wants to be loved. She's a love!

Pepper (pic. #1)

Pepper (pic. #3)
Pepper (pic. #2)

Pepper (pic. #4)

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Diesel and Paige ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This two kitties are just too cute!!! These two are brother and sister and are about four to five months old. The black and white handsome kitty is Diesel. Paige is the adorable pastel torti. They love to play together, pounce on each other , wrestle with each other and then snooze together. They are so much fun to watch play... who needs t.v. with these two around?! :)

Diesel (of Paige and Diesel)

Paige (of Diesel and Paige) ADOPTED!

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Popeye and Smokey ADOPTED!
Success Stories

HELP!!!! I so want to find these two wonderful cats a home together! These two beautiful boys are Popeye and Smokey. Popeye is the cute, all white, big boy. He's eight years old. Smokey is the gorgeous Seal Point Siamese. He's five years old. They are with us looking for a new home because their owners had to move and couldn't take them with them. They are so much fun and very sweet. They like to rub up against your leg, love to cuddle and also love to play. They also love each other. You can see it with the way they interact with each other. I even caught Smokey playfully stalking and pouncing on Popeye as if they were still both kittens. They've been together for five years and with all they've been through already I'd hate for them to lose each other. Please give these two wonderful boys a loving home. They will give so much love and joy in return!

Popeye and Smokey (pic. #1)
Popeye (pic. 2)

Smokey (of Popeye and Smokey, pic #3)

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Success Stories

This pretty kitty is Ashley. I like to call her "Miss Ashley." She's such a sweet little lady. She was found as a stray but must have been someone's pet at some point because she is so sweet! Ashley is about a year old. She likes to play and be pet. She enjoys being in the scratching post (as you can see from the pictures) to look out the window. She'd love to have a home of her own where she can watch the world go by from a window in her new home. Please give this loving little girl a home.

Ashley (pic. #1)

Ashley (pic. #2)

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Patches ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This spunky little girl's name is Patches. She is so young but she has already had a litter of kittens. She still plays like she's a kitten herself! Unfortunately she has a limited amount of space right now to play. When we let her out of her cage at the store (Petsmart) she loves to run around and play with her toy mouse. She also loves canned food. She really needs a home where she can be herself and have a lot of room to run and play. She has way too much energy to be stuck in a cage. Can you give her this home?


Patches (pic. #3)

Patches (pic. #2)

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