Cats for Adoption

Trixie is a sweet little girl. She's about six-months-old. She is so scared right now. She doesn't mind the other kitties in the store but it's the humans she's trying to get used to. She's getting there. She has recently decided it was okay to come out of her cage to explore, a big breakthrough for her! She doesn't mind being pet, in fact she kind of relaxes and likes it, she's just not sure of your intentions at first. She needs a quiet home with someone who will let her blossom into the pretty little flower I know she is. She needs a loving and patient person and I know there will be big rewards for that person. She's very playful in her cage (which is where she feels safe right now). She loves to bat around her little crinkle ball. What she really needs is a home where she will learn to feel safe and she can have more room to bat around her favorite toy!

Trixie (pic. #1)

Trixie (pic. #2)

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