Cats for Adoption

What can I say about this big guy? A lot! First of all, he was found behind Nordstom Rack in Brea. He is such a friendly guy that he had to be someone's pet at some point. He's about three years old. He loves to play and run around which is hard for him right now because he's stuck in a cage most of the time. He would be fine with another cat so long as they aren't too spunky. He'd prefer a more mellow house mate. He loves playing with feather toys, toy mice, "sparkle poofs" (see picture), and he also loves to play in boxes. He sometimes likes to do his own thing but also will come over to you when he's ready to be adored. And I do, adore him that is! I really want Oscar to find a home! Please give this sweet, handsome guy a good home.

Oscar (pic. #1)

Oscar (pic. #2)

Oscar (pic. #3)

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