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Success Stories - Brea Cats In Need

Success Stories

B.B. a.k.a. Big Boy ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This cutie pie is Big Boy (or B.B. if you prefer). He is about 3 1/2 months old. As you can see from the pictures he likes to sleep with his buddy, keep himself clean and use the litter box (no, he's not really going. I wouldn't invade his privacy like that :-). He is also playful and so obviously adorable.

B.B. a.k.a. Big Boy

B.B. a.k.a. Big Boy (pic. #2)
B.B. a.k.a. Big Boy (pic. #3)

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Success Stories

This adorable little girl is Meggie. She is a small little four-month-old black and white kitten. She loves to play, she's lovable and enjoys being a lap cat. What else could you want?


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Success Stories

This big guy is a little sad right now. He was adopted out by us awhile back and recently got returned to us because the owner unfortunately developed severe allergies. He was given to us along with his housemate (Tazzie) who has recently been adopted out again so I think he's missing her now too. I feel so bad for this big lovable guy. He is four years old and really needs a new home to feel safe, secure and loved in. Please give him the love that he needs and deserves.


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Sweetie ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This little one year old kitty's name is Sweetie, and yes, she lives up to her name! Sweetie was found with her kitten outside the Baldwin Park animal shelter. The workers there thought she was so sweet that they let Cats in Need take her to try and find her a permanent home. She would be good with other cats and children (when introduced properly). Please give this Sweetie a good home.

Sweetie (pic. #1)

Sweetie (pic. #2)

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Success Stories

This is Jenna. Or maybe the other picture is Jenna. You see, I went into the store one day to do my weekly cleaning duties and saw that there were two adorable all black four month old kittens (one male and one female) to take pictures of to put onto this website. I then got busy and wasn't able to put them on right away. Then when I was ready to put them onto the website I found out that the male kitty has since gotten adopted. So now I'm not sure from their pictures who is who. Can you tell the difference? Me neither. Either way, I do remember playing with them and they were very sweet. Jenna and her litter mates were all born in a veterinarian's office and have lived in cages all of their lives. Jenna has watched all of her litter mates and her mom find new homes. Now she is awaiting her turn. Please don't make this lovable little girl wait any longer!

Jenna? (pic. #1)

Jenna? (pic. #2)

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Success Stories

Clover came to us in with her housemate Petree. Petree has recently been adopted and now it's Clover's turn! In fact, she has been with us for too long! She and her roommate came to us in October of 2007. They came to us because their owners moved and could no longer keep them (an unfortunate story that we hear too often). Clover is about two-and-a-half years old. She has beautiful big round eyes and loves to play! She hates being stuck in a cage and wants to be loved. She enjoys being pet, playing with her toy mouse and eating cat treats. Please make her time waiting for her forever loving home over and adopt her.

Clover (of Clover and Petree)

Clover (pic. #2)

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Success Stories

This poor little guy is so scared. He's slowly coming out of his shell though. His name is Opie. He was found crying in a yard all alone. He is about four months old. He needs someone who will be patient with him and give him the chance to feel safe. He needs a quiet home with no small children. He would love other kitties to play with. Right now he feels more comfortable with other cats then with humans. But we're quickly winning him over with love, patience and kitty treats (and canned kitty food, which he loves)!

Opie (pic. #1)
Opie was adopted out for awhile but sadly he is back with us again looking for a new home. They felt Opie was too shy and they weren't going to be around enough to bring him out of his shell. He is such a sweetheart and just needs someone to be patient with him, love him and give him a chance. He loves to scratched behind the ears and stroked softly.  He is now about eight months old. I will have an updated picture of him soon.


Opie (pic. #2) 

This is the latest picture of Opie.

Beauty ADOPTED!!!!!
Success Stories

Beauty is a 5-6 year old black and white male cat. He is originally from Arizona (where he was adopted) and moved here with his owner. When his owner realized he would be traveling too much for his job to take care of his cat he gave him to Cats in Need. I try not to have favorites, but sometimes a very special kitty will come along and just get into your heart, and that is what Beauty has done with me. I wish I had a bigger home for him to join us, he is so special. He's loving and very sweet and also likes to give gentle little head butts. He also does well with other cats. Beauty really lives up to his name not only in appearance, but also in his personality and his spirit. He would make a wonderful addition to a family!

Beauty pic. #2
Sadly, Beauty is still waiting to be adopted. He is now another year older but is still as sweet as ever. He is so loving and purrs so loudly. I wish someone would give him the chance to show how truly special he is. He has so much love to give. That's all he wants out of life. Someone that he can give his unconditional love to. 

ADOPTED! After waiting for so long, Beauty now has his happy ending! I'll miss you Beauty. I hope you have a good life, you deserve it!

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Skeeter and Roo ADOPTED!
Success Stories

The next three "boxes" are of four kitties from the same household. Sadly, as with many people right now, the owners of these kitties are losing their home. So now the kitties need to find new homes. The owner has said that they really want to see the two male cats go to a home together. After hearing their story I agree, they should be kept together. Skeeter is the four-year-old male tabby on the left and Roo is the six-year-old male Siamese on the right. Roo was rescued when he was about a year old and Skeeter when he was a kitten. Skeeter and Roo became best friends instantly. Skeeter would suck on Roo's nipples as if Roo were his mom and they still cuddle together constantly. They are both very good about not scratching on the furniture. They stick to their cat scratcher. They are both litter box trained and love to be brushed. Roo loves to talk and is also the big boy of the group, although he hasn't slowed down because of it. He will do flips for cat toys and attack the laser pointer. He can also have his lazy moments too of course (as any cat). He likes to sit on your lap on the couch, lay next to you in bed or by your feet. Skeeter is a little bit more timid, but once he warms up he is a sweetie. He likes to follow his owner around the house and is also a talker. He also likes to play and sleep at the end of the bed. Because Skeeter is a little shy they would probably do best in a home with no small children. These two are very well loved (as you can see from the description given to me) and need a forever loving home.

Baby Skeeter ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This is Baby Skeeter. She is one of the two females seeking a new home (of a group of four). She is about three-years-old and is a Manx mix which means that she has no tail. She is a sweetie with a cute little meow. It sounds like she is trying to meow but can't get anything out, like a whisper meow. She loves to play with toys and the laser pointer. She is also very good about not scratching on anything but her cat scratcher. At night she will be the one to tuck you in and cuddle with you until you fall asleep. Then she will either sleep at the end of the bed or go find somewhere a little more comfortable to snooze. Out of the four cats she is the most affectionate. She will rub up on you ask for attention. She loves to carry feathers around the house. Please give this loving kitty a loving home.

Baby Skeeter (pic. #1)

Baby Skeeter (pic. #2)
Baby Skeeter (pic. #3)

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