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Success Stories - Brea Cats In Need

Success Stories

White Kitty ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This beautiful girl's name is White Kitty. She is the last of the three kitties that are looking for a new home that came from the same household. She is a gorgeous flame point Siamese and is about three-years-old. She likes to talk to you and is very playful. She likes to play with the laser pointer and loves feathers and toys. She is frisky and likes to show off. She will get in a crazy mood and race around the house for a minute then take a nap. She likes to sleep on your lap on the couch and will sleep on your chest or at the end of the bed at night. Like the others, she is also very good about scratching only her cat scratcher. This kitty is a lover who just wants to be loved.
White Kitty (pic. #1)
White Kitty (pic. #2)


White Kitty (pic. #3)

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Cookie and Pepe ADOPTED!
Success Stories

These two handsome boys are Cookie and Pepe. Cookie is the mostly white cat with black fur. He's five years old. Pepe is the mostly black cat with the black spot on his nose. He's three years old. Both of them lost their home when their owners moved to Texas and couldn't take them with them. Cookie loves to be petted but is nervous in new situations and will hide until he feels comfortable. Pepe is friendly and loves attention. They're both very loving and want to be in a safe and permanent home.

Cookie (of Cookie and Pepe)

Pepe (of Pepe and Cookie)

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Abigail ADOPTED!
Success Stories

Abigail is a beautiful black Persian mix who is about two years old. She would be good with other cats (of course when introduced properly. First impressions are everything!). She is very sweet, playful, doesn't mind being held and boy is she a flirt! Whenever someone comes by her window (in Petsmart) she flirts with them. She'll bat at your finger when you say hello, she'll roll around on her back and show her belly to you and she'll talk to you. She's absolutely adorable!


Abigail (pic. #2)

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Georgie (II) ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This beautiful kitty's name is Georgie. She is a gorgeous, declawed tortoiseshell who is about year and a half old. Judging from the story that was sent along to me with her pictures, her owners are very upset that they have to find a new home for this sweet kitty. They have described her as a cat who likes to sit on laps and have the side of her face scratched. She likes to drink the last of the milk in the bowl after you finish your cereal. She enjoys sitting on window sills and watching the world go by. She loves chicken, cat treats, chasing after balls, toilet paper rolls and playing with a feather on a string. Her owners also discovered that she loves cardboard, so they would leave a piece of cardboard on the floor for her to sit on and scratch. Georgie sounds like a loved cat but unfortunately she needs a new home because there is a nine month old baby in the household who is a little too interested in her litter box and likes to chase after her. Plus, the owners feel that she isn't getting the attention she deserves. Georgie needs a loving home where she can feel safe and can continue to do the many things she loves to do.

Georgie (II)

Georgie (II) picture #2

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Princess ADOPTED!!!
Success Stories

This beautiful little girl is Princess. She is about five-years-old and is a big sweetie! She loves to roam around on your lap as you lavish attention onto her. She is a Princess after all. She feels she needs to live up to her name. She feels she's entitled to the attention. Alright, well I suppose I've just described all cats. She would do best as an only cat as she doesn't get along too well with other cats. She wants all of the attention for herself! She really is an adorable little girl with a lot of love to give.

Princess (II)

Princess II (pic. #2)

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Scooter (II) ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This big black and white kitty is Scooter. I call him Scooter II because he is the second kitty on our website up for adoption who's name is Scooter (the other one is also black and white). This Scooter is a male who is about 2 1/2 years old. He was living in a room in a home where he was never let out because there were other cats in the household that were too aggressive with him. It was then thought it best that he try to find another home where there are kitties that would be nicer to him or where he can be the only cat. He was really nervous about being in the store. He was first hiding under his bed and then moved to his litter box after I cleaned it. The poor guy just wants and needs a safe and secure home where he can be loved.

Scooter II

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Success Stories

Timmy is a beautiful nine-month-old gray male. The coloring and feel of his fur makes me think of the breed Russian Blue. Timmy has seen his sister and his other roommates get adopted and now he's waiting for his turn. Along with his handsome exterior he has a wonderful personality to go with it! He's spunky, fun, curious, playful and very loving. His favorite toy are what I call "catnip poofs." They look like colorful cotton balls that have catnip all over them (cat be found at Petsmart by the way) and he loves to bat them all over the floor and carry them around in his mouth.

Timmy (pic. #3)

Timmy (pic. #4)

Timmy (pic. #5)

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Pepper and Hamlet ADOPTED!
Success Stories

These two big guys are Pepper and Hamlet and they are six-years-old. Pepper is the one with the black nose. They are now looking for a new home because their former owners divorced and moved but for some reason couldn't take them with them. They're big sweet guys who are curious and loving. Hamlet is big on catnip! As you can see from one of the pictures he had pulled a bag of catnip down from a shelf and loved rolling around on it (Pepper just looked on at his brother wondering what he was doing). They also like to snuggle up together to take naps. These two lovable lugs (as I like to call them) have so much love to give! 

Squeakers ADOPTED!
Success Stories

Isn't this little guy adorable?! This little black and white cutie is Squeakers. He is a about four-months-old. He was found in an apartment complex. His cries sounded like a squeak so that is how he got his name. He loves to play fetch with toys. He would love a playmate his own age. He's loving and active. He can sometimes get a little startled by things and will run to you and hide for protection. Once you give him some love and attention he purrs, rubs all over you, snuggles into you and gives kisses. He's an absolute love! 


Squeakers (pic. #2)

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Success Stories

This adorable little girl's name is Sassy. She's about six-months-old and is a pastel torti. She loves to play and be loved (I'm told that she's a good lap cat!). Her brother has recently been adopted and now it's her turn! Please give this little cutie a good home.

Sassy (pastel torti, pic. #1)

Sassy (pastel torti, pic. #2)

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