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Success Stories - Brea Cats In Need

Success Stories

Bunny ADOPTED! Buckaroo still AVAILABLE!
Success Stories

These two cuties need to be freed from their cage! They want to run and play together. They are a little shy and need someone to be patient with them. They are still a bit nervous but feel safe with each other. The white and gray tabby is Bunny and the dark colored tabby is Buckaroo. The brother and sister duo are about five months old. Please consider giving them a loving home.

Buckaroo and Bunny
Bunny ADOPTED! Buckaroo still AVAILABLE! Call Virginia at (626) 337-4306.

See Adoptable Cats page.

Bunny (of Buckaroo and Bunny)

Buckaroo (of Buckaroo and Bunny)

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Honey and Belle ADOPTED!
Success Stories

These two sisters have spent all of their lives up until now in a cage at a veterinarian's office. Now they are with us looking for a home. These two love to have fun! They are about six months old. They obviously look very similar. If you look closely you'll notice that one of them has a white patch of fur on her chest and has white whiskers. That's Honey. The all black kitty is Belle. I'm still trying to get a close up picture of Honey. She wasn't cooperating for me that day. She just wanted to play (as she should). Please consider making these two sweet and fun kitties apart of your family.

Honey and Belle

Belle (of Honey and Belle)

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Success Stories

Underneath all that beautiful fur lies a heart of gold. This big handsome guy is Buddy. He is around 1 1/2 to 2 years old. He was found as a stray. He's a fun loving guy who is looking for a home with other kitties to play with.

Buddy (Virginia's Buddy, pic. #1)

Buddy (Virginia's Buddy, pic. #2)

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Success Stories

This sweet little creature is Reba. The poor little thing was found as a stray. As you can see, she is a pretty little light orange kitty who is about one-year-old. When she first came in (that's when I took these pictures) she was pretty shy and nervous about her new surroundings in the store. All she wanted to do was to hide in her bed. She has since calmed and loves to be pet! You still have to approach her slowly sometimes but once she gives you permission to pet her you can see how really sweet and loving she is. I will do my best to get some better pictures of her to show off her outside beauty but if you want to see her internal beauty, visit her in the Brea Petsmart store. Call the number below to set up a time to visit her!


Reba (pic. # 2)

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Success Stories

This crazy little kitty is Zeus. He is about seven months old, has a beautiful sleek gray coat and has a lot of energy! Too much energy be stuck in a cage! He loves to run around and play. When he plays with others he can play a little rough. He might even do well with a dog. He might even enjoy it (when introduced properly).

Zeus (pic. #1)

Zeus (pic. #2)

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Duke and Short-Stop (a.k.a Duchess) ADOPTED!
Success Stories

I remember these two when we first adopted them out when they were much younger. They were small and sweet and wanted to be together. They're now bigger, a little older and are now back with us looking for a new home. Their owners moved and couldn't keep them. They are three years old. Duke is a male brown tabby like his sister Short-Stop. Well, that was her name that was given to her by us before we first adopted her out. She was then renamed Duchess so I'm not really not sure what to call her now. What I do know is that they are very scared and really need a new, safe and quiet home together. This was the only picture I could get of the two of them because they never wanted to come out of their little save haven. They found comfort in being together in their little bed. Please consider taking these two home and making them feel safe again.

Duke and Short-Stop (a.k.a Duchess)

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Shellie ADOPTED!
Success Stories

Shellie is an adorable one-year-old female tortishell. She is active, playful, sweet and loves to cuddle. Who wouldn't want all that? She's very pretty too! She seems to be sticking her tongue out at you in one of the pictures. I think I just happened to catch her in the middle of a bath. Oh, did I mention that she is a self-cleaning pet too?
Shellie (pic. #1)

Shellie (pic. #2) 

Shellie (pic. #3)

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Petree and Clover--Petree ADOPTED! Clover still available!
Success Stories

Petree and Clover came to us because their owners moved and could no longer keep them (an unfortunate story that we hear too often). Petree is a beautiful six-year-old male Maine Coon brown tabby. He is very loving and sweet. Clover is a two-year-old black and white female who is a bit more cautious. She loves to be pet but you have to approach her a bit more slowly. They're a bit unhappy with their small living space in the store right now and would love a new home where they can stretch out and play.

Petree (of Clover and Petree)
Petree now ADOPTED! Clover still available! 

Clover (of Clover and Petree)

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Pennie and Woolworth both now ADOPTED!
Success Stories

It's been a little while since we've had any dogs on the Brea Cats in Need site, but we do get them from time to time! This is Woolworth and Pennie. Woolworth is the white three-year-old male who is either a Terrier mix or a Maltese mix. Pennie is a five-year-old female Chihuahua. They were both found wandering around on the street together lost. Woolworth was covered in matted fur and he needed to be shaved. They are both doing great now and are looking for a new home. They love each other and love to play together. They would love to stay together if possible.

Woolworth (of W. and Pennie)
Woolworth has been adopted but Pennie is still available. She was a little sad at first about losing her friend, but it can be very difficult finding two dogs a home together. It was a difficult decision to split them up. Please make a sweet little Chihuahua happy and give her a good home.

Yeah! The wonderful people who adopted Woolworth had a change of heart and decided to adopt Pennie too.
So Pennie is now back with her buddy Woolworth and is doing great!
Pennie (of P. and Woolworth)

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Rosabella ADOPTED!
Success Stories

Wow! Is this cat a looker! And she has the personality to match! Rosabella is a gorgeous eight-month-old seal point Siamese. Her owner moved to Guatemala and didn't take her. I'm sure this beauty will have many calls about her soon. She is sweet, likes being held, purred while sitting in my lap and loves to play. And no, her eyes are not red. They're a beautiful shade of blue.

Rosabella (pic. #1)

Rosabella (pic. #2)


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