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Success Stories - Brea Cats In Need

Success Stories

Success Stories

This pretty all black kitty is Nina. She is about one-year-old. And yes, that is a piece of cat litter stuck to her nose (how embarrassing for her!). She wouldn't allow me to take it off. We had just met and she felt that was inappropriate. She did allow me to stroke her beautiful silky coat. She would be good with other cats and maybe dogs (if introduced properly). She's a very sweet girl!

Nina (pic. #1)
Nina (pic. #2)

Nina (pic. #3)

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Timmy ADOPTED! Teddy still AVAILABLE!
Success Stories

These two adorable kitties are 14 week old brothers. They were rescued from living a life on the street with a feral mom. Teddy is the black beauty and Timmy is the gray cutie. Aren't they handsome? They both still are a bit shy but are getting used to being loved by us. They love to play with each other!

Teddy and Timmy (pict. together)
Timmy ADOPTED! Teddy still AVAILABLE! See Adoptable Cats.

Timmy (pic. #1)

Teddy (pic. #1)

Timmy (pic. #2)

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Harriet ADOPTED!
Success Stories

It was at first thought that this little spunky cutie was a boy. But then when "he" was brought in to the veterinarian to be "fixed" we learned that he was a she! So a little kitty who was once known as Harry became Harriet. Harriet is a four month old black and white tabby. She was left in front of a shelter by someone, was then rescued by a nice woman but unfortunately she couldn't keep her. Harriet is a fun, feisty, furry little love. Like most kittens her age she loves to play!

Harriet (pic. #1)

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Success Stories

Wow! What a sweetie! I could tell even before I opened his cage door to let him out that he was going to be a love. And he is! This is Snowy. He is one-year-old and is declawed on all four paws. He is looking for a new home because there is a new baby in the household he was living in and he wasn't too happy about it. As you can see he is beautiful. He loves to be stroked and to be loved. He also loves to explore and to play with a feather toy.

Snowy pic. #1

Snowy pic. #2

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Charlie ADOPTED!
Success Stories

This handsome guy is Charlie. He is about 1 1/2 years old. Charlie was left behind in an apartment complex. He was found and taken care of by some nice people but unfortunately they couldn't keep him because they were moving. If you are looking for a big sweetheart of a cat who loves to be pet and will purr very loudly when you do so, look no further! He is a little bit shy at first but that is only because he is a little nervous about his new surroundings right now (he don't understand why he's in a store!). All he wants is to be loved!


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Success Stories

Baby is a tiny adorable little female brown tabby who is about two to three years old. Her owners moved away and couldn't take her with them. The poor little thing is blind in one eye. She is a little unhappy about her situation right now (who can blame her!) and just wants out of the store (Petsmart) and to be in a safe home. She's such a cutie!

Baby (pic. #1)

Baby (pic. #2)

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Success Stories

Look at this cutie! This adorable little girl is Juliet. She is a 2 1/2 year old Persian. Her owner had another cat that she didn't get along with so she is looking for a new home. She is such a pint sized sweetheart! She's a little bit shy at first, but if you don't push her and give her a minute, she warms up to you real quick. She loves to be stroked and to be talked to softly.

Juliet (picture #1)
By the way, I included the picture on the left even though it is a little bit blurry because I wanted to prove that she doesn't really have scary eyes. She has beautiful blue eyes. Kitty eyes and the flash on my camera do not mix well!

Juliet (picture #2)


Juliet (picture #3)

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Sage and Sylvester ADOPTED!
Success Stories

Sage and Sylvester came to us because their owner had too many cats. So now these two sweethearts would love to find a new home together. Sage is a male twelve-year-old Siamese/Himalayan mix. He has beautiful blue eyes. Sylvester is a male four-year-old black and white kitty. They are getting a little tired of their cramped quarters that they currently share in the Petsmart store and would love to have a new home where they can stretch out and explore. They are both big loves!



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Success Stories

Miss O.C. is a pretty little torti colored girl who is somewhere between 2-4 years old. She was first rescued by a caring woman about a year ago. Unfortunately she had to stay outside because the other two kitties in the household didn't like her. Now the family is moving to another state and Miss O.C. needs to find a new home. She is sweet and talkative. She loves to have her head scratched.

Miss O.C.


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Success Stories

Dolly is a two-year-old female, black tabby who is declawed in the front. She is also a sweetie once you've gained her trust. At first she is a little cautious with you. Who can blame her? She was brought to us because sadly there was a person in the household who was allergic to her and who also has asthma. It's sad for the people who had to give her up and also for Dolly. She is a very loving kitty.


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