Baby Skeeter ADOPTED!

Baby Skeeter ADOPTED!
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This is Baby Skeeter. She is one of the two females seeking a new home (of a group of four). She is about three-years-old and is a Manx mix which means that she has no tail. She is a sweetie with a cute little meow. It sounds like she is trying to meow but can't get anything out, like a whisper meow. She loves to play with toys and the laser pointer. She is also very good about not scratching on anything but her cat scratcher. At night she will be the one to tuck you in and cuddle with you until you fall asleep. Then she will either sleep at the end of the bed or go find somewhere a little more comfortable to snooze. Out of the four cats she is the most affectionate. She will rub up on you ask for attention. She loves to carry feathers around the house. Please give this loving kitty a loving home.

Baby Skeeter (pic. #1)

Baby Skeeter (pic. #2)
Baby Skeeter (pic. #3)

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