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This is Jenna. Or maybe the other picture is Jenna. You see, I went into the store one day to do my weekly cleaning duties and saw that there were two adorable all black four month old kittens (one male and one female) to take pictures of to put onto this website. I then got busy and wasn't able to put them on right away. Then when I was ready to put them onto the website I found out that the male kitty has since gotten adopted. So now I'm not sure from their pictures who is who. Can you tell the difference? Me neither. Either way, I do remember playing with them and they were very sweet. Jenna and her litter mates were all born in a veterinarian's office and have lived in cages all of their lives. Jenna has watched all of her litter mates and her mom find new homes. Now she is awaiting her turn. Please don't make this lovable little girl wait any longer!

Jenna? (pic. #1)

Jenna? (pic. #2)

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