Dewey and Brooke both ADOPTED!

Dewey and Brooke both ADOPTED!
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Look at these two cuties! They are so much fun! Dewey is the gorgeous gray and white male. He's about seven months old. Brooke is the cute black and white female. She's about four months old. They love to be together! They love to play with each other, groom each other and sleep near each other. One time we had three black and white kitties (Brooke included) in the store at the same time. Brooke was accidentally put back in the wrong cage with the wrong roommate (they all looked very similar). Once we discovered the error and she was reunited with Dewey they were so happy to see each other! They groomed each other and started to play. I'd LOVE to see these two loving cats find a home together!

Dewey (of Dewey and Brooke)

Brooke (of Dewey and Brooke)

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